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The Akhal Teke is a versatile horse for dressage, driving, eventing, endurance, race horse, and not to mention pleasure horse. Their elasticity, fluidity of the gaits and elegance, makes them natural dancers of the wind. We breed only purebred Akhal Teke horses. Akhal-Teke-for-sale is a small but fine stud, we are breeding with Ornay. Ornay the only stallion in Europe who won the Russian Derby race. We have currently NO akhal teke for sale. 

I am breeding now for over a decade Akhal Teke horses and must admit that this breed is by far the most intelligent breed I ever met. It is a pleasure to work with them. With other breeds you need weeks and weeks and weeks until they understand what you want from them, whereas in AT they understand immediately what you want from them. I really hestitated along time to buy a warmblood (in german there is a saying Warmblöder) I think they are mostly stupid and not reactif enough, mentally. Anyway I bought one to give more masse and bones to the Teke and more elasticity to the gates. We will see how it will work out when I mate Ornay to the Oldenburger mare decending from DeNiro and Donnerhall….

Due to the continental climate in which our animals grow, they are very robust. We offer large horse boxes and large pastures. The animals grow up in the herd, and our stallion is together with our mares and foalsAKHAL-TEKE FOR SALE has the goal to breed Akhal Teke, which have an excellent conformation that means for us, with very good top line, nicely angled hind legs, strong back, just everything a sport horse should possess. All our sale horses are easily to handle because they are manipulated every day and all have social contact with one another.


Akhalteke for sale

Der Achal Tekkiner ein vielseitiges Pferd für Dressur, Fahren, Vielseitigkeit, Hindernis, Distanzritte, Rennpferd, und nicht zu vergessen Freizeitpferd. Ihre Elastizität, Fluidität der Gangarten, ihre Eleganz und macht sie zu natürlichen Tänzern des Windes. Wir züchten ausschließlich reinrassige Achal Tekkiner Pferde. Akhal Teke for sale ist eine kleine aber feine Zuchtstation, wir züchten mit Ornay. Ornay einziger Hengst in Europa der ein russische Derby rennen gewonnen hat. 

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